Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dua dai ji liao!

I am just informed by the landlord that i cannot stay in the house during summer, 'coz he is having his relatives coming over. i feel like crashing down upon hearing this news. Currently i have two months homeless during my working period. Very mafan now. I have to arrange the accommodation in these two weeks. I think it's wiser for me to move to somewhere closer to Hammersmith hospital (my working site- which is 30 mins bus ride from my house now), to save the transport fees and perhaps the living fees (Kensington is a bit posh for students to live)

Still looking for a room or a studio. Anyone, any idea?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Ladybird chooses the bright side

As mentioned in the title, probably you would think that the Ladybird is not so wise to expose in the brightness and should instead hiding in the dark so that nobody would notice it, and thus can avoid the risk of harm on itself. But if it really does choose to hide, how can i capture its beauty in my photo? How can it to let its shiny image to capture children's and people's heart and become their favourite subject?
Or you can read between the lines, and interpret this as an underlying message.
Even Ladybird doesn't afraid to choose the side of brightness, what are the people afraid of? The world can be so colourful because of this kind of bug (people).
This is dedicated to all the freedom fighters around the world and those people who promote justice and equality.

(Photo taken in Cambridge during the last Easter holiday)
Here i declare the start of my photo blog session (when i have no article to post) and also reveal some of the photos that would be published in my next Best 50 photo album (will be scheduled to release in Mid August) for sneak preview. Do check it out here now and then




Saturday, May 27, 2006

Being alone doesn’t mean Lonely

More than often, the preference to be alone is regarded as ‘weird’ or ‘anti-social’ behaviour by some people. Of course, that is their view. I know, no man can be an island on his own. People in the society that we live in should be interactive. However, what comes to my understanding is, relationship and interaction with people have many ways to achieve and forge.

I believe in communicating with people with hearts. Socializing in a big group is just not my way. Sometimes even in a crowd of many people surround me, it does not make me feel any better (not being bored or alone), in a sharp contrast of my silence against the noise. I try to be more open for things to talk about, ‘cause I think some people might probably hard to find topics to chat with me. Well, I admit sometimes I could be a bit passive in the conversation, seems like I’m better at throwing a chain of questions waiting for other’s response than saying my words or expressing myself or telling my own stories.

To somebody’s surprise, they view the things that I have done in the past or I am doing sometimes as unbelievable (or unacceptable) – like going to Rock gig alone, have lunch or dinner alone (sometimes), on a trip cycling alone to Greenwich, drinking beer alone in my room while watching movie, can ‘survive’ in my room without even stepping out the front door for the whole day and even plan to travel alone to other European countries. Well, I must say that, not all the times I would just like it that way. It is my feelings that determine all the actions I take. I do not mind that I have no company in many cases. To me, to have some like-minded friend to join me is considered as a bonus, but it is seriously not a prerequisite. I will still go on doing what I like in the end. Take an example, if you are going to a rock gig, there is no one has the same interest as you for that band or music, then you just can’t force people to go. The main purpose of going to watch a rock gig is to watch band performance, not watching your friends or talking to your friends. I have other better time to do that. Also, sometimes, the time or something is just not right for the plan, I would scrape it and do it on my own only.

Learn to live with yourself is a state of ‘art’. One must always ‘communicate’ well with oneself, for self-seeking purpose and always have to reflect well and rethink about current situation. On the other hand, I often consider myself having a slightly towards inferior personality but sometimes have acts that contradict itself too. Maybe I looked like or I am a lone-ranger sometimes, but I am fine, really. Please don’t have a presumption that I alienated from the society. Actually I am not. I would like to join any event if I feel like doing so. So, do ask me, and invite me. I’ll also ask for your company if I wanted to.

Friday, May 26, 2006

World Cup Fever --- Joke

World Cup, the only bra size other than A,B,C,D,E, and F cup.

(copied from my brother who copied from others too)



Tuesday, May 23, 2006



Blow in the Wind (London Version)

Feature: the featherweight me, who is nearly blew away together with my bike in a windy+rainy day when i am on my journey to uni.

春夏秋冬 Four Seasons

春 Spring

夏 Summer

秋 Autumn

冬?太冷了,手冻坏了,相机抓不稳,结果就拍不到!:P 不是啦,我不想拍‘裸照’,我是说,树木的‘裸照’。哎呀,也不是啦。。。事实是,我...忘了拍!没有想到这个点子一直到了春天花开时。
图中的那棵小树(大树都在它的后面)坐落在我大学中央青草地(Queen's Lawn),与女皇塔(Queen's Tower)毗邻。那是我在大学里最爱的一棵树。

Winter? oh no, too cold, my hands were frozen, can't hold the camera, and therefore the photo is not captured! hhmm... no. 'Coz i don't want to promote nudity, i mean, i don't want to take the shoot of 'naked' tree. Oklah, i confess, i forgot to take. I didn't think of that idea until the spring comes. The little tree in the picture is rooted on my uni's little greenland (Queen's Lawn), next to Queen's Tower. That is my favourite tree of all time (all seasons) in my uni. I'M LOVING IT!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006




自从来到了英国,甚至追溯到更早时期在修读Sunway College A-level时,几乎没有定时作些运动。感觉到身体状态开始走下坡路,体力明显不如我高中时期为我的Rumah Sukan赛跑和Taekwando训练的高峰期。现在,看到自己的肌肉开始松弛,某一些部位开始堆肥,惭愧惭愧。Haih~ 就是这样激发了我,寻找回我以往的状态。

说到了健康,我还记得有一天在吃晚饭时我与Dave Andy辩论起到底从前人还是现代人可以比较长命,然后再谈到何者比较健康。Andy持有的看法是现代人比较长命,因为事实上全世界的人类平均寿命持续提高,拜医药保健水平日益进步之赐。可是我辩驳,虽然医药进步,但是现代人的饮食文化和生活作息越来越不健康,再加上我们的生活环境污染的情况也日愈严重-医药进步,只是延长人类的寿命,但是难以改善健康素质(有时我想,也许是因为现代人意识到自己的生活方式不健康,才依赖起保健品和药物来维持健康)。比起上几代人,现代人病痛的次数应该是有增无减。Dave则说,现在的食物比较有营养-Organic的食物啦,有基因改造食物增进营养价值啦,又有多样化的选择。接着,我就说:以前人种的菜每样都是organic(有机)的。农药是后来才发明的,以应付更多的需求,更大的市场。健康食物有不少,‘垃圾’食物在现代人的生活里更不缺少。问题是,在这个太过注重胃口和味道的时代里,看来垃圾食物在我们这一代非常受落!我也质疑基因改造食物的可靠性(即使我有常常接触到基因改造技术和知识在我修读的大学课程内)。我常听我的妈妈说我的祖父是多么地健康强壮,最后活到了整90岁高龄。住在金马仑高原,他吃的都是自己辛劳耕种的蔬菜。厨房没有味精和各式各样的调味料。罐头食物几乎没有买(可能那时都还没得卖),更遑论食入防腐剂。从前人也没有类似现在的健身房仪器。他们做的运动是实在的劳动。想到这里,我不禁想到自己的状况我觉得自己很‘抵死’,奉行的生活方式是黑夜白天颠倒式的生活,做了很多乖离正确健康标准生活的活动。我老早就估计我不会太长命,很遗憾自己很多时候其实是在自觉的情况之下糟蹋自己的健康。只希望晚年不会太痛苦死亡对我来说,不是最可怕的。我更加害怕垂死挣扎的痛苦。所以我支持‘安乐死’。哈哈,在这里先留言,以作为以后需要的依据。


Wednesday, May 17, 2006


为什么要筑起心中的防卫墙呢?躲在城墙里是否就让你好受一点吗? 受困在自己的围城的心理- 感觉到的安全感是真实的吗?还是因为不敢去面对现实和自己?

打开你的心窗,开放你的天空,给自己信心并给与别人信任让关心你的朋友能偶尔进来你的世界坐坐。真心交往并不是你想象中那么困难,只要双方都有意愿把心交出来。对于任何一段感情,都必需采取积极主动,把握时机。缘份来到你面前时,若不好好把握,可能就永远错过了。生命没有U turn, 没有 Take 2。难道真的要等到有那么一天会感到遗憾时才后悔不已?


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Attention! Launching a new House Blog!!!

The link is as below:


This is supposingly contributed by our all four housemates. Just check it out! ;) and have a good laugh!

Happy Mother's Day! 母亲节快乐!

其 实,说得准确一点,我要的是母亲永远快乐!,不只是在母亲节。我一定会尽全力做到的。孝顺本身本来就应该是人类甚至动物的与生俱来一种本性(或天 性),也可以是后天的一种价值观。(我不排除有些比较不幸的人从小就没有得到足够父母的关爱,可能他们就不能深刻体会和了解---是一种现实的悲哀)孝顺 是发自于内心的,是因为源自于。它不是纯粹因为要覆行责任而已,也不是来学会的,更不是做出来给人看自己是多么孝顺的。

如今,我身在远方求学,无法陪伴我母亲度过另一个快乐的母亲节,有点遗憾。希望我的哥哥弟弟们可以陪伴她。也许是我的性格使然,我不大懂得用言语表达我对母亲的敬意和关爱,其实在我内心里是非常地想念她,爱她的--担心她的健康状况(虽然应该还不错),担心我的弟弟和哥哥因为求学和工作而没有时间陪伴她而感到寂寞。我母亲是影响我最深的人,塑造了现在的我。我想,我传承了很多她的优点乐观,好脾气,好心善良,讲信用等等 。我想对她说的话,在此是不可能说得完的。真的真的很感激她一直以来对我的付出 -- 关怀照顾,培育教导,给我多方面的劝告和指导,带着我成长到了今天的地步。妈,真的谢谢你!我以你为傲。在有生之年,我决不会辜负你的。不要怕以后没有孩子会照顾你,我会做那个乖孩子的。你看,现在我会洗衣熨斗,打扫整理,甚至煮饭洗菜,可以照顾您了吧?(虽然还有很多项目还不是很精,但是我会学习的,最重要是,我有心)您的未来媳妇请你放心,她敢跟您过不去,一定进不了我们家的家门!还有,如果我有钱,我会带您去你要去的地方(我知道你很喜欢旅游),吃你喜欢吃的食物(包括你的日本餐!希望我以后煮的菜式你也会喜欢我花不少心思‘研究’独特的菜式,是其他的地方找不到的,哈!)。我的头还没有‘空’,还有很多可以照顾你的点子,所以所开出的支票一定能够兑现!




ct: FW: 主题:[发飚]谁要是娶这种妻子就不配做男人!





她怒瞪他一眼。他试了一口,马上吐出来, 儿子












儿子沉默片刻,他是在寻找更好的理由。 "妈,



人服侍照顾, 不是比在家里好得多吗?"






















饼干吃。 儿子知道母亲喜欢光亮,所以为她选了














妈不要走!" 最后母亲没有丢下他。他连忙离开











西。" 岳母没好气地说。







妈道歉!" (楼主注:这算什么儿子,把自己的母










双腿低泣。 她见到儿子手中正拿着那瓶风湿油,


来!"他走到母亲身边,跪了下来。 "很晚了,
























孩子!当你还很小的时候,我花了很多时间,教你慢慢用汤匙、用筷子吃东西。教你系鞋带、扣扣子、溜滑梯、教你穿衣服、梳头发、拧鼻涕。这些和你在一起的点点滴滴,是多么的令我怀念不已。所以,当我想不起来,接不上话时,请给我一点时间,等我一下,让我再想一想...... 可能最后连要说什么,我也一并忘记。孩子!你忘记我们练习了好几百回,才学会的第一首娃娃歌吗?是否还记得每天总要我绞尽脑汁,去回答不知道你从哪里冒出 来的吗?所以,当我重复又重复说着老掉牙的故事,哼着我孩提时代的儿歌时,体谅我。让我继续沉醉在这些回忆中吧!切望你,也能陪着我闲话家常吧!孩子,现 在我常忘了扣扣子、系鞋带。吃饭时,会弄脏衣服,梳头发时手还会不停的抖,不要催促我,要对我多一点耐心和温柔,只要有你在一起,就会有很多的温暖涌上心 头。




如果此贴让你感动,如果你是一个孝顺有良知的人,如果你想老爸老妈有个幸福的晚年就回帖吧 祝回帖的朋友的父母--身体健康,长命百岁,一生平安!!!!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


我错过了510日在隆雪华堂举办的有关博客的功能与应用的座谈会。国内著名的博客作者Jeff Ooi, Jeremiah Foo 和我的学运学长郑立慷当晚畅谈他们的博客心得。有关立慷兄当天的演讲内容,可参考他的博客网站。精辟的见解和深透的分析,我佩服。他确实是我很好的学习对象。

目前,我仍不知如何为我的博客定型。我一直都把我的博客网当作我的个人(私人)网。或许我真的不是那么在乎点击率有多少,我只是把它当作一个管道抒发我的感想和看法,有时与大家分享我的生活片段,有时也把这里当作我的‘官方’网站,发布我的个人最新消息。我必需承认有时我很懒,或者没有心情,所以就没有常更新内容。我也承认我没有将博客的运用和潜能发挥到极限。当我写起具有批判性的议论文时总是显得有心无力,第一,我的文笔还不够好,遣词用字不多不广,我的英文更是‘有限公司’。第二,更大的问题是,我并没有更好的观点针对于某一个课题。有时候即使我有,也是很零散的,不够多不够好,无法一气呵成写成一篇真正叫好的文章。所以,每次我上网阅读《当今大马》(Malaysiakini)和《独立新闻在线》(Merdekareview)的文章时,总是赞叹为何这些评论人可以把问题看得那么透彻,又能同时拥有独特的见解和尖锐性,充满说服力的批判性文句。读完了他们的文章, 就显得了自己的渺小。大部分时候我都必须借助他们的文章来了解课题。他们都似乎把我可以想到的观点写下来了。我只好作罢了。第三,我打字的速度是超慢的,尤其是打中文字。若要打一篇真正好的,有水准的长篇论文,我会花很长的时间。有时就是因为这样,就没有兴致写了。其实,我不想给任何借口,只是认为自己不够好而已。


Thursday, May 11, 2006


夏日假期期间(七月至八月),我将参与我大学的医学系院血液学(Haematology)部门的有关白血病(Leukaemia)的研究工作. 与其说直接涉及该研究,不如说我只是去协助教授和博士生进行实验研究。是的,我是自动献议成为自愿工作者,拿无薪工作长达两个月。就当作‘买经验’吧!毕竟大学级最先进前卫的研究正在进行中,是多么难得可以从中学习。也希望可以借此燃起我对科学研究的兴趣。
其实,我的确是很想回家,想念家人和朋友.现在,预计在九月初才可能回来.回来的时间只不过长达一个月而已. 然后,再回英国修读我的最后一年.时间过得真快,第二年就很快要结束了.有些感慨. haih~

I just would like to inform you guys that i already successfully applied a summer placement in UK during this summer holiday. I will start working as a lab assistant, in Haematology department of Faculty of Medicine in my uni, from early July to late August. I will be involved in the recent ongoing research about Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia to help out my professor. I expect to come back home only at early September. Ya, i 'pay' for my job, 'cause i volunteer myself for it. So don't think i earn a lot of Sterling Pounds and take advantage of me after i return (hehe, just kidding.) It is really not about the money. A lot of things you can't buy with money. Imagine how precious this kind of experience to me in this job opportunity. Hope this could motivate me and make myself show more commitment in Biotech or Biomedical field.
Sekian, terima kasih.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Beware of Cult 小心邪教(转载)

这是一篇转载自我身边朋友的email。 不是耸人听闻,尤其是女生们必须小心警惕。虽然我认为我身边的大部分女生朋友应该有足够智慧去判断是非,但是这邪教的散播的‘广远’和速度可真谓惊人!挂 羊头以慈善机构组织(什么‘世界和平家庭联合会’啦),吸引和广招尤其是学生群为他们服务。不少台湾大学的高材生都‘中招’,所以不可不提防。经过了惠宣 的讲述后,才恍然大悟 原来我本身在一年前在我的家乡(Subang Jaya)也 有接触到这组织的经验。当时我是在一间茶餐室用餐时,有一对年轻的男女学生前来向我筹募活动基金,声称是来自那个名字的组织。那时,我对那组织还完全没听 闻过。当我询及该组织的活动时,他们说了不少,现在感觉上已没有什么印象了,只知道他们是源自于韩国的国际组织。再问及该组织的地址和电话,他们手抄了我 一个网站的地址,和所谓的地址和电话。当然过后我没有进一步查询,只上了该网站而已,那也是没有什么特别. 我不疑有诈,就施舍了小钱给他们的活动基金,怎知道到了现在才知道这组织的真面目。



(i modify the links below a bit to avoid the problem of uploading this blog)


Subject: Cult邪教
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 09:58:51 -0700 (PDT)




Detail Description of 'Tong Li Jiao' cult

Blogger reveals the real story of the cult

Taiwan government's description of the cult



> 我在FORM
> 宣(沁新)hshuam@yahoo.com

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Here in this diary

I saw them performing last Saturday night. Besides anticipating for their upcoming new record, I still have worries about this band whether is still the same Ataris that I used to love so much. I know the band has transformed a lot during the recent years.

I wonder if there is any good rock music writters out there could write as beautiful, sensitive and deepen feelings in their songs as The Ataris does. I’m a total sucker for all those very emotional touching feelings songs that moved me. Kris Roe (the song writer of the band) is definitely a good writer for that kind of songs. Being an Ataris fan since about 8 years (or more) ago, I see the growth and maturation of Kris Roe, reflected a lot in his songs.The first song that caught me, and completely took my breathe away is ‘ San Dimas High School Football Rules’ – the first single from the album ‘ Blue Skies, Broken Hearts… Next 12 exits’ (1999). It’s one of the Best songs ever written from the band, which could be agreed by majority of their fans, and this is the only song that is still playing in every of their gig shows. And later I fall in love with other great songs coming from this album: 1*15*96 , I Won't Spend Another Night Alone , Broken Promise Ring. Their songs are so personal and related a lot to the song writer, like Kris Roe’s personal diary detailing the relationship and experience that he has gone through all these days. It is so beautiful and the feelings are so true. Of course he knew how to write some comedic romance songs: ‘My So Called Life’ and a very sad break-up song: Between You And Me (from ‘Looking forward to failure’ 1998). More than a songwriter, Kris Roe is also a very professional photographer. Buying their album is a pleasure to have the visual effect of each of their songs (which sometimes the photos could relate to the feelings of the song).

The follow-up album in 2001 ‘End Is Forever’ is a great album with collection of heartfelt and rocking songs. I particularly like this song: I.O.U. One Galaxy and other songs such as ‘Summer Wind Was Always Our Song’ (the first single off the album), Fast Times At Dropout High and How I Spent My Summer Vacation. The only time that The Ataris takes to the stage and makes their name appears in the mainstream media is when they release their 4th studio album ‘So Long, Astoria’ when they are signed to Columbia Label. The side lines that I quote in my blog ‘Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up: These are the best days of our lives…’ is from the song ‘In This Diary’ ( the first single) and meanwhile the new title for my blog is from ‘Unopened Letter To The World’ (Kris Roe’s dedication to Emily Dickinson). Many people out there who are listening to mainstream media all these while, The Boys Of Summer is probably the first song they heard. I have to say it is the best cover song ever written, not to disappoint the original songwriter. My personal favourite from that ‘more mature’ album are: ‘Looking Back On Today’ (it’s very touching. Really.sob sob), ‘Eight Of Nine’ (meaningful song) and ‘The Saddest Song’( written for his daughter, for not being around with her when he is busying tour on her 5 years old b’day. He felt the regret the same way as his adolescent life without his father in his life).

Many songs meaning are not obvious for the first few times of listening (or at the first sight of lyric). It’s sometimes complex and deep in touch. More often, the songs need some time to grow on you. Many fans expressed their great disappointment in ‘So Long, Astoria’, I did, too. But gradually it sticks to my mind the longer I listen. Their songs are not like those fast-food type of pop punk songs which you can find abundant in MTV channel nowadays (like Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and Blink 182 etc.) It’s really music with hearts. They definitely influence me a lot and made a mark in my mind forever. Here I pay my tribute to this band, and I declare myself to be a forever fan of theirs. I hope the next album could be another soundtrack of my life.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

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My Mayday wish

Finally I finished writing my political studies essay for my humanities course (yesterday). 2000 words in a day. Huhh~ a bit too much? Well, I even spent 4 days reading relevant books and material for the research on this topic. ‘Socialism’ is the central theme of my writings. I choose this topic especially and would like to dedicate this essay to 1st May Labour Day (International Workers’ Day). It serves a meaningful purpose for me to gain further understanding on the elements of this ideology, and hope that these core values of socialism such as social justice, equality, solidarity, humanity could still be implemented in this neoliberal-dominant world nowadays which uphold too much on the individualism and bring the consequence of selfishness among people. Oppression on the working class people by the capitalist (Bourgeoisie) is still common everywhere in this world, especially those countries without good and definite labour laws to protect the interest and welfare of the workers. I wonder what could justify the heck of profit-minded capitalist to determine the happiness of many ordinary hardworking people. How could these minority people use money to command one’s everyday life and use them (the workers) as a tool to make their (capitalist’s) prosperous life dream comes true? The introduction of the so-called neoliberalism, could sell people’s health, education, and basic amenities (electricity and water) as commodity through privatization. What the hell? Could all these most important aspect of citizen’s life be traded? Does it worth more than your bloody smelly sinful money? How could you be happy with these immoral money you gain?

You say, privatization increases efficiency. WHERE IS THE EFFICIENCY? Telephone bill, electricity bill and water bill are kept on increasing (while the water supply is still muddy like milo). Highway tolls found everywhere, but still traffic jam. More and more private hospitals and private education institution are established. Where is your (government) responsibility?
You only know how to assign the projects to your cronies or your family or your relatives. Hey, making a business out of people's money is what you suppose to do?

“Don’t anyone question our loyalty and love for our country. Malaysians are among the most hardworking and most productive in the world, but yet they receive the lowest wages,” said Syed in the Mayday demonstration, I couldn’t agree more to this statement. Malaysian doesn’t deserve the status we are at now. It is all down to our hopelessly corrupted, racist government (BN). Enough is enough, do you know how many generation of Malaysian’s wealth and happiness you are sacrificing? Malaysian are often too kind, tolerant, patient, generous and easily deceived by false hope. But don’t you dare to misuse our people trust again! I can’t say any achievement under this government is worth to mention, destruction cost more than construction. Economical miracle in the 1990-an? what? Please don’t tag yourself with ‘the only party/coalition that can bring development and rules in this multiracial country’, that is a lie. First, you are not a multiracial party, but a bunch of separate race-based parties that are only creating division between races by your racial politics. Second, any other opposition parties now have as many professionals and specialties in each sector as your party, don’t undermine their ability just because they are still not in power. One thing they are better then you right now is the political vision they share. You are just eating up people's money. I seriously think that Malaysia should have a better economic status now if the nation is not corrupted to the root.

You are not irreplaceable. You don’t have people’s mandate to form government because you cheat on democracy. Don’t you dare to say you represent people’s interest. People DON’T WANT oil price increase, do you listen? People DON’T WANT anymore toll, do you listen? I can go on a long list of complaints that you don’t listen. Why are you still so stubborn?

Do we really have to wait until the national resource that our beloved country uniquely has gone exhausted and your party/coalition has gone out of control of the internal fighting for the remaining scarcity resource? No, we can’t afford to pay this price. We must stop this. Pls bear in mind that even the longest ruling party (Kuomintang) in Taiwan could fall because of severe corruption. Your days won’t be long anymore as people open their eyes and realize that you are full of lies and shits. Suppression on people’s freedom and rights do not justify your rule. Down with the racist and corrupted party! Hidup Rakyat! This is my wish for this year’s Mayday.

P/S: There is a book i would like to recommend you all to read, it is called ' The Third Way: The Renewal of Social Democracy' by Anthony Giddens. It's very interesting to read his analysis and his ideas on the new possibilities of a social democratic society, as a replacement of the great inequality neoliberal society. Socialism is still not dead yet, he proves that socialist values are still very relevant to the world's today.

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