Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rakyat Selangor has made the right choice!

The title summarize what i want to express here so far when i'm into my new job, becoming the insider of what is going on in the state exco office. I'm currently working as a special assistant to YB Eli, in charge of matters related to environment. Basically what i am doing is like a fireman, putting off the fire set by the predecessor government, busy to right the wrongs. It's very safe to say, both YB Eli and MB Khalid have the strong political will to push for the GREEN agenda to preserve and care for the environment. Nowadays, the state has its firm principle for its environment policies to emphasize on a sustainable economic growth. Development and environmental cost are needed to consider and stay in a balance.
When i opened files and read about many cases, then only i realise how easy is the previous gov gives way to development projects without thoroughout consideration for the environmental and social impact. I'm actually very saddened to see vast size of Forest reserve lands being degazetted for various housing, industrial or agricultural projects in last 10 years. It is perhaps already a bit too late to save those valuable treasure of nature which were destroyed. What i learned from it is, preservation costs way little than rescuing/replanting... Once the damage is done (to the environment), it is done. It can never be the same anymore.

In fact, some projects did not generate much of revenue to the state government but the environment cost is HUGE. It is just not worth it at all to allow those greedy and ill-considered developer to go on. Personally i would welcome so much and support about the ban of Class 3 and 4 hillslope projects. The recent landslide on Bukit Antarabangsa testifies the decision is the right one, to protect the interest of people (home-buyers). Prior to that, how much blames and mockeries that a Pakatan Rakyat government has to endure when some developers and certain politicians called PR gov as 'anti-development'.

One thing i think this gov lacks of, is the manpower to deal with the workload especially in state exco office. A slimdown on the employment of Personal Assistant to two per exco , made the two PA overoccupied. (that is why i am specially employed through another fund) Bureucracy or red tape still do exist that slow down the speed of problem solving. This seems unavoidable. I'm still learning the way through all this, and being a facillator of problem solving when certain agencies fail to do their job well.

I'm learning a lot more about the background knowledge of Mangrove Forest and Forest Reserve in Selangor, becoming more appreciate to the nature that we should preserve. So far, this job still keeps my interest alive. I feel like i'm contributing to something good and meaningful, especially glad to work under truly enthusiatic boss(es) and colleagues. =)

P/s: i know it's a bit late... haha.. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends that i haven't wished.
In case i do not write prior to CNY, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR too!

Personal update:
I'm doing fine during the absence of blog-writing period. I enjoyed a superb holiday in South Africa with my mum and fun ex-primary-schoolmates trip to Bali. Of course i had a wonderful time with my darling Von Yi during x'mas and New year ^_^
ahh~ this is the holiday i deserve for so long!!! Now waiting for a good news if any of my PhD application would be accepted.