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有了这种深植扎根的心灵基础,不管有再多的外在因素挑战和影响, 不会轻易地动摇,更不用说它会倒。但是如果这个基础一旦开始有了裂缝,就应该赶快修补,并取得彼此的共识。

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哦,還有,我也是個有心人啦,呵呵 =)

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The myth about Mismanagement in Malaysia (by public sector and GLC)

... is, there is no such thing as REAL mismanagement but only deliberate misleading effort to fool you that they were. In fact, they really did not 'mismanage' to get the fund (and FUN!) into PFRF (Personal, Family, Relatives or Friends) cronies pocket.
They think that they are smarter than you are, what do you think?




P/s 1: paiseh,馬來西亞真的有很多地方是我還沒有去過的...看​來走高速公路的人不止做不到走馬看花,有很多美景是註定要看漏了!我​在愛爾蘭時有此體會。
P/s 2: 我多麼希望我也可以像他們慢慢玩細細玩。

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History has no 'What if's

Today is Singapore National Day. Xiao Hui sounded and looked obviously upbeat and happy about this, told me about the National Parade they had, what she watched from TV and how much she feels for her country at that moment. That is very good for her, simply means that her country does her proud.

Most probably I do or will not feel the same joy as her when the Independence day, Aug 31st, comes (to me, Malaysia day Sept 16th may sound a bit positive than that), because we have not been ‘liberated’. Since I know and learn more about my own country, the current state and the past (history), when I was into my high school period, Hari Kemerdekaan has not really been ‘celebrated’.Although there is always National Parade traditionally held in Mederka Square, I do not bother to watch. The official celebration event is losing its meaning. The speeches from the leaders of the nation are usually superficial and full of rhetorics anything but touch or resonate with my heart.  Words are sometimes okay, but speaking from their mouth about Unity, Racial Harmony, Peace, Patriotism , the beautiful Country and People, Dynamic Society & Culture Diversity, Meaning of Independence Day, etc... just hypocrisy. I don't deny on the ground, most Rakyat do recognise those elements i spelled out above and feel for that. But these leaders are the least qualified persons to speak about those values. So, it is not that I am not proud or love my country, just that the way the government/authority defines/dictate the celebration, and more importantly how dissatisfy i am about how they run/ govern the country.

In fact, I still regret and hate that, it is my current and past but the SAME government had to abandon, separate or simply let go a part of the land called Singapore about 46 years ago, just because of politics, really nothing more than political consideration or decision. No one would like to see that happened, even most Malayans and Singaporeans that time, except those UMNO racist warlords who had ran out of ideas to stop or prevent the spread of influence and ideology of PAP moving into Malayan heartland (eg. slogan 'Malaysian Malaysia'), given that LKY had won the state governance, and his ambition to win the federal government by attempting to align with parties from East Malaysia.

History does not have ‘What if’s. I could only sigh and say that it is this stupid , hopeless, racial authoritative government of my country, that forced to separate into 2 nations. But this, in a way creates an opportunity for Singaporeans to thrive and grow stronger with sheer determination amid super tough challenge to build a nation which they can be proud of. I could not imagine last time 'What if' that didn't happen, could Singaporeans just like Penangites crossing over the mainland without border restriction, and just like a part of big family?

Now I guess they have done so well and will never look back. Malaysia is, to a certain extent, still struggling with lots of issues, be it racial harmony, economy growth, social justice, wealth distribution, education, culture , language and religion. The identity of Malaysian (ourselves) always lies in the hand of Rakyat, and never in the hands of the Authority/government. I just wanna curse that stupid government who is still in power playing the same game for 54 years until now. How I wish we could at least one day break free from all these all cooked up and incited racial-and-faith disharmony/feud/hatred arguments. I feel that is already too much for a country which claims independence for so long. When can the government focus on real issues concerning the people??? or can they ever be bothered? 

Give the freedom and democracy back to Rakyat! We want to shape the nation in our own way and want to form the government which can call our own, and for our own. Only by then, the Independence Day celebration could be meaningful once again when everybody is ONE NATION ONE HEART.

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話說回到他的第一張EP,他的《三個字》輕易地俘虜了很多年輕人的心和聽眾的贊好,建立了自己的口碑和fan base。那首歌暫時是他的經典,我聽說很多人在KTV都有點唱那首歌曲,可想而知那首歌爆紅的程度。我本人覺得他的潛質不止是他在抒情歌曲的演繹拿捏得很好,其實我也很贊賞他的快歌《查理,卓別凌》和《一起玩》。他確實能把他的好玩個性很自然地放入他的輕快动感歌曲,讓人一聽也被感染到開心起來一起玩!《愛就在不遠的所在》是首抒情歌,沒錯,我特別要強調這首歌就強在編曲尤其是在最後的兩段chorus部份--恰到好處地配合甚至加强了加峻在這首歌的情感起伏,很成功!比較慢熱,沒有在音樂或旋律讓我留下有如其他EP里歌曲那般深刻的印象,就是《當我們同在一起》。我知道他曾說這首歌主要是寫給我們這班小學朋友的,其實那也是不算差的一首歌。總分我會給這第一張EP 80分!


2011 EP專輯差不多延續上張的風格,只是粵語歌明顯增多至3首(專輯的一半),步調又比上張慢了少許。《馬後炮先生》是唯一一首稱得上是輕快的歌曲,算是稍微有突破嘗試不一樣的演繹方式的歌曲,做得很不錯吸引人。《只想你快樂》很有《三個字》的感覺,感動依舊,有異曲同工之妙(連編曲的模式也接近)。《理由》和《好朋友》都是典型加峻式的抒情歌曲。看了MV后對《理由》比較有感覺,也發覺加峻的唱功有進步了。我喜歡《好朋友》的歌詞,寫得很貼切(也推出了MV)。《掛住你》一聽就覺得悲情了,也是比較慢熱的歌曲,接近一般我們聽過的香港粵語主流的抒情歌曲。這首歌的亮點,是鋼琴的演奏。鋼琴也好像在發洩它的情緒一起唱歌了!歌詞寫得也很不錯,聽了有印象和明白其意境。

《媽媽別哭我去了天堂》其實才是加峻踏入樂壇的第一首歌曲。雖然當年他參加的Astro talent 新秀大賽,止步于8強,就是因為這首原創歌曲吸引到星探的注意,最後被光良的公司簽約為歌手了。如果你還沒有聽過,不用多說,你們一聽你就知道爲什麽那些星探覺得他是有不小的潛力。是的,他用音樂來說了一個當年四川地震災難的真實故事,把深深的原始感動記載到這首歌曲里。(哦,你要我也為這EP打分嗎?一定要嗎?hhmm...說真的,我給75分,可以嗎?算是很不錯的專輯了,只不過印象不如首張般強烈)

我覺得可惜的是,他的那首《新星的光芒》無法收錄于這專輯,也許是版權問題吧!當時應該是因為他特地寫給其中一個電臺的。這首歌,不好意思,我也下載到了!是很張澤/張覺隆式的歌曲,有性格,有一起來玩耍很開心的感覺(最後加峻還給我們rap了一小段)! 如果這個EP有收錄這首歌,專輯的步調就可以輕快點平衡點。我會要求他,如果要去香港或台灣發展,這首歌要帶去!



Cold joke

I saw my colleague using a Nokia touch phone (well, i am not quite sure whether it is Smart or not) , it looks quite new though. At that time, she used that as a calculator. 

Then I asked her, if that was her new phone? she said , NOPE, it is already 10 months old.

Oh i see, I said. I asked her again, two months later would you celebrate his birthday?

Dang! she looked like this = @@ (炸到!)





他自然就讓我想起那首張震嶽的《Free Night》,還蠻適合這場景和他的性格的:

"那就約在秘密基地 雖然口袋沒有太多錢
期待可以認識女生 當然要有點姿色




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Rainbow after rain. No rain no rainbow. The beautiful moment always worth the wait until the worst is over =)

Love is blind, lovers not

Love is blind, but most importantly, lovers not! :P

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