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I can't believe this new allegation against Anwar... i feel extremely disgusted by the political motive behind this to defame Anwar by this same old dirty trick... Do they really think this time they will make people believe? Do they think people are stupid? I'm certainly not!!!
This is certainly a very wrong move from UMNO/BN if they were behind this... the difference between allegation towards Najib and Anwar is, no one would be angry or protest against the allegation for Najib (more people would incline to believe there is more truth than not) but you will see different scenario for Anwar. Certainly not the case of sodomy, again! I'm sure UMNO/BN will get the serious backlash and repercussion from within if they move on to charge Anwar.

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Original Sin of a politician (depends on which side)

This blog is written in reaction to recent issues raised by Hannah Yeoh, my constituency assemblywoman from Pakatan Rakyat. You could read the full story in her blog. In short, the incident could be summaried like this… Hannah Yeoh was invited to attend her (and also my) high school – SMK Subang Utama’s Prefects Reunion annual gathering (not-specified whether as VIP) which she was the Head prefect back in year 1996 and the founder of this annual reunion event. The event is organized by ex-prefects whom are the school graduates, as a private event. But somehow, the top two authority of the school were issuing stern warning and threats to the teachers and the current prefects not to attend the event if Hannah Yeoh is definitely a guest, or else they will face serious consequences of demoting or sacked from current positions (and other unknown consequences). The reasons they gave (from my sources) are: 1) Hannah Yeoh is an OPPOSITION politician, 2) Her presence will bring bad name to the school or affect the school’s development. Just based on these two premises, the top two school authority wants the organizing committee to withdraw the invitation and hence deny Hannah Yeoh’s right to attend the event.

From this story, I don’t know how do you look into this matter… to you, maybe it is just a petty issue regarding a private event, but the top two school authority certainly don’t think it’s a small matter to them. In my opinion, they are certainly overreacted and, perhaps to a large extent, serve their personal motive to please their ‘master’ (who else?). The reasons they gave are totally unfounded and absurd!!! First, what is wrong with politician? They are elected by the people through democratic practice, to serve their electorate and the community. They are not criminal or gangster or a disgrace personnel. I admit that, even i used to be annoyed by my ex-state assemblyman Lee Hwa Beng so much to see him presence in my official high school function, but i do not think that is in anyway inappropriate to invite him.

Okay, I see more sense now, it MUST be the reason because Hannah is from ‘opposition’? right? WRONG! Hannah Yeoh is a Pakatan Rakyat assemblywoman, which is a part of Selangor State GOVERNMENT. Oh, is it really nothing about whether from which side, politician will certainly spoil the party or the good name of the school? Come on, who is politicking the issue now? I am sure Hannah Yeoh is okay to just sit there to meet her old friends and giving her moral support to the prefects of SMKSU. She does not represent her political party to attend the event, but just represent herself as an alumni and ex-head prefect. I bet also that she did not request to be the guest speaker, and doesn’t mind to put aside her politician identity. Why must ‘mengheboh-hebohkan’ this issue? Nobody will give a damn if it is not for slick(sick)-minded top two school authority. What is so serious until issuing warning and even threats to young-minds and already-so-tired-and-low-morale teachers? Is this the message they are trying to send: Absolute obey and submit to the Authority, no questioning? It is all because of these feudal-minded bureaucrats who spoil the whole education systems. How could you expect bright students be taught and brought up from this kind of education environment and mentality? Ordinary school teachers are very little to be blamed, however professional they are performing (and coping), they are very demotivated and tired, all because of these selfish-minded bureaucrats who don’t give a damn about educational quality.

To me, Hannah Yeoh is one of the exceptional alumni, which the whole school should be very proud of having one. While she is serving in this constituency, you could expect she will be contributing more to her deeply-loved high school. It is very very shame for me, as an alumni, to see that happening. Some people just don’t see the logic.

I’m very concern, and learning that the organizing committee is under intense pressure to solve the matter. They also fear of losing too many participants (which could lead to debt) and worrying about the threats to the current students and teachers. Meanwhile, they are also reluctant to initiate and set a bad example to bow to unacceptable threats from the authority, and therefore opening the case for subsequent years to follow. Between protection of the welfare of beloved students and teachers and standing their ground, it is certainly not an easy task. I do hope everyone (especially SMKSUian) who reads and understands this could help to spread the stories and do not let ‘bad guys’ easily go through. We must stay conscious and informed to make a judgment, on certain rights or wrongs. Evil motives or intentions fear the TRUTH the most. Unless more people are aware and keeps seeking the TRUTH, evil will triumph.

Hannah Yeoh: SMKSU Prefects' Reunion

Is Cycling to Parliament a good idea for MPs?

Hi YB Tian Chua,

I just watched your biking video from Mkini tv. As i am now also a cyclist in London (when going to university), I have few comments to make about your cycling practice. I think you guys should cycle on the side of the road, definitely NOT in parallel but one after another. As you guys were doing that, you blocked the traffic flow all the way. Furthermore it's dangerous to do so. As a cyclist, you must be considerate to the motorists also, then only they would do the same.

What you voiced out (in the video)is very true, leave alone cyclists, there is even lack of motorcycle-designated routes, exposing them in great danger too. One thing about cycling in KL city, the risk of doing that often is almost comparable to begging for accidents to happen. I don’t want you to discourage you to go on cycling, but taking good care of your safety should also be a priority. Cycling once in a while is Okay… people will be saying that what you are doing is just a stunt for publicity. Well, i guess it is fair enough, for raising awareness to public. This just prove the point that cycling in city is impractical, while public transport is still like Sh**, there is no way people won’t get affected by the fuel hike (don’t mention bout the chain effect leading to high inflation). So, what is next? Jogging to Parliament?

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Let the figure & fact tell you something...

Kok Fah raised a very good analogy in his latest blog entry. If you were a pork farmer, you would be happy that the pork meat price is increased. This means you could earn more. Therefore, when you go to market and buy more expensive pork, you will not even complain a word, because in your calculative mind, you know that you are earning far exceed the amount you are spending on the purchase. But looking at the fact now, are you happy to live in a petroleum exporting country Malaysia, but the petrol price is the highest in all these oil producing countries? Is this socially just and fair?

I must clarify my stand that government's subsidy should only be reduced or abolished once they have done enough to cushion the fiscal economical negative impact. Definitely not at this stage. Increase the fuel price now is unjustified. In a few years ahead (a year or two before the country becomes a net importer) i support the policy of slowly increase of the fuel price.
Other way to resolve this, is to pay greater compensation for car users, in a bid to raise people's real income. The situation now is gone out of hands, not good for the poor, and not good for the rich either. Not good for BN government's reputation/credibility, not good for economy too. So, what is remaining good to remove the subsidies now?

Here is a clever piece of calculation by someone included in RPK's recent blog writing. I recommend you to read, you'll be inspired.

My views on petrol hike

With reference and reaction to the source of Chin Huat's good blog article 'An Unpopular Position on Petrol Hike - Real Income, not Relative Price' and RPK's 'Yes, let us get angry, but about the right things' here I would like to make my stand on the Fuel Hike decision by BN government.

In a long term, I would not support a policy of continuation in fuel subsidies at very low price, due to the foreseeable increasing market price in raw petroleum in near future. That means more money required to fill the hole in national budget for this subsidy, which is probably unsustainable in long term. I do feel the pinch of the fuel hike, as all my family members are also car-drivers, and the fact that many people especially in Klang Valley can hardly ‘mobile’ without private transportation. If the price rise is to remind the people to curb the excessive spending on petrol and become less dependent on government subsidies to support your transportation ‘lifestyle’, on that motion I support the government’s decision. The subsidy, if it is used properly, this could be more beneficial to the community in many other important public sectors such as health, education and transport. I agree with Chin Huat that it is definitely greener (to encourage people to use petrol less), and make all of us aware that petrol is a limited and precious natural resource. The rebate/compensation to relieve the pain of price rise is also the right way to address this issue, but i cannot see how this small amount of rebate could do much impact on the normal household.

Government is absolutely wrong to judge the public outcry towards this unpopular decision. The more they are trying to explain (even though there contains some truth within), but to many people, the more they sound like shouldering the burden to the people when they refuse to take the responsibility of the mismanagement of the economy all these whiles. If our living standard and average household income are on par with South Korean or Singaporean, we would probably just grudge and mumble few (Malaysian famous last) words when paying the petrol for the first month, and get used to it very soon. Now whatever the reason the government given to ‘educate’ people would just sound hypocrisy, certainly will not dampen their outrage now. The root cause of this problem is not about the petrol price. The lack of good transportation alternatives and poor transport system planning, relatively lower real income and purchasing power of the ordinary middle-class citizen, and the recent inflation rate, are among the factors that disappoint and depress most of Malaysians. Current salary/wage level just undermine the input, the talent and the contribution of most of the citizen to Malaysia’s economy. First, they don’t really deserve to become poorer because of rather lousy government’s economic management. In passing years, all I heard about ordinary citizens’ complaint that their effective income drops, salary cannot catch up with the inflation rate, life is more difficult here in Malaysia nowadays. It is very sad to hear this, because it’s not their fault. Maybe some people would ask, why are we paying more while we are still a net petroleum exporter country? What kind of benefits do we get out of that? How come Venezuela, a poorer country than Malaysia is, could afford to support the subsidy at a level many would never imagine to be paying for one litter of Petrol (which is currently about 17 times cheaper than Malaysia)? Although I’m not a supporter of fuel subsidy in the long run, those are still many valid questions to ask and demand good answers from the government. Have the government done enough to cater for the welfare of ordinary citizen?

Here I would like to highlight the issue of the long term non-transparency and non-accountability of the national petroleum and gas government-linked-company PETRONAS to the mass public, since their first operation. I read articles somewhere before, about the curse of countries rich in natural resources. These natural resources never really translate into the prosperity that their people dream of. Africa continent has many countries are/were rich in minerals and even the most valuable diamond, but the human greed/corruption takes all, nothing left for the general poor citizen. Worse still, people are/were suffering more for that because of the never-ending civil wars to fight for the limited resources. If you watch the movie ‘Blood Diamond’, it will inspire you to realize how important is the existence of good democratic transparent accountable institutions when comes to the management of national wealth and economic planning for future. I always wonder why not many people would care about what is happening with Petronas and where igs the money (3 trillion RM) gone or spent? All the expenditure/wastage spent on mega-white-elephant projects by Petronas– KLCC, Putrajaya, KLIA, F1 circuit, how many actually contribute the direct benefits to the people in the end? Not long ago I read about the expenditure to keep Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, paid by Petronas, is so ridiculous. This is just another showcase of wastage. Imagine if Petronas’ account is open to public scrutiny, and all the stakeholders would have the influence/say on the important decision of the company’s investment, wouldn’t the precious petroleum resource already enriched us and transformed us to an advanced nation status?

The price to pay for keeping an incompetent government is just too much. Now people are struggling to live, and bear enough of the suffering! Nevermind the price hike, people’s grouse cannot be unheard. I would support any movement to make Petronas to be accountable to people/parliament, good transport system planning and other compensations (that people deserve) to relieve people’s living pressure. Current rebate is just too little to help! Review the sudden spike of price rise is necessary. Price control / subsidy at this stage is still reasonable, judging on the massive revenue generated from Petronas because of the increasing price per oil barrel. People deserve to have a share of the benefits. A caring government must give its people ample time to slowly adapt to the new reality, step by step, while working hard to look for other alternative plans to improve the current transport situation and to control the inflation rate.