Monday, August 31, 2009

My Merdeka Message

I wear black today, that's how i celebrate Merdeka Day, for the love of my nation. 1BlackMalaysia is for real patriots who care about our country so much and willing to change for better. Only by revealing the dark side of 1Malaysia's hypoc...rites and putting forward new ideas & reform agenda, this country can move forward! I want Malaysia merdeka from oppressive authoritarian, corruption and draconian laws!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thanks for Everything

Sorry for the little awkward speech during the dinner which i came unprepared for... Yep, i learned that my public speech is still not good yet, maybe need to be forced like YB's way. =)

First of all, i really want to thank my boss and my mentor, Eli. She has inspired me and made me believe that this beloved beautiful country called Malaysia still have hopes when we have YBs like her. She transformed me from Mild Green to Dark Green now, convinced me that my home state Selangor under the ruling of Pakatan Rakyat things can only change for better when the there are political will and vision like hers and MB's in terms of social justice & equality, racial harmony, environmental care. She is very determine to push for policies which are good & much needed to my home state, doing a very good job in her portfolio.
I'm always proud of her, and wish every YB has something common like her to serve the people sincerely. She has my respect as a politician, disproves the common saying that 'every crow is black in politicians)

Next, i would like to thank my 'big brother' Khai Loon who brought me into this position (Special Assistant). I always look up to him since DEMA years, be a great role model for every activist in social movement. He always have lots of energy and passionate in his job, especially good in HR and organising works. Thanks KL for introducing me to this job! I've learned a lot from you too. All the best, our future YB. =)

Bai Qi a.k.a. whiteflag is our 'Chief of staffs'. She has the office under control, and keeps the agenda/schedule going. She is a person you can seriously trust. Although she is quite busy and under stress often in office (until it is quite obvious on her face), she is very reasonable, friendly person who you can tell jokes to. There were times where i did something wrong in procedure, she gave me good advice and i learned much more from mistakes.

Brian, our new Poster boy in office, made famous through a movie (by Yasmin Ahmad) and a few videos which impress us and make us so proud when sharing the same office with you (haha). He is a very talented guy. He is also quite a steady cool guy in handling every case. I can hardly see him panic. He is quite relax in the office, listening to nice music during office hours (just like me, haha) - this shows that music can increase productivity (ok, Bai Qi? haha)

Kai Yit, the new guy in office, already extending his 'influence' just by being tall (Jenita, it is not nice to call her that nickname la :P). From quite the same background he and i sharing, i'm pretty sure he can handle the job quite well and be an excellent assistant to you, Eli. Besides Shao Loong, the office needs someone who is scientifically trained like him especially when handling and understanding environmental cases. Well done my friend in just over two weeks you are here. Nani and Jenita, please don't bully him ya? ;-P

These two Nani and Jenita are my best mates in office, hehe. Because of the large open-air environment encouraging more interactions, sure I find them closer to me. Nani adalah cikgu BM ku. Biasanya saya murid yang baik, cuma kadang-kala membuat kesilapan dalam bahasa saja dan menyusahkan mu untuk membuat pembetulan. Cikgu, minta maaf, jangan rotan ya? Saya akan memperbaiki BM saya. Jenita, is the first Orang Asal friend of mine who enjoys KFC so much (strangely, for coleslaw not for chicken). I’m very impressed that she always get inspiration to do work from eating or/and playing her hair..haha! She always look much younger than her age, although I realize her age can be my ‘big sister’ already (but please don’t bully me, ya? Now you have Kai Yit. Kakaka)

Chuan Boon and Yee Ling from DUN office, although I don’t work directly with you, I appreciate our friendship and thank you for being nice friends to me. Din, kerja kamu mesti sangat penat sehingga banyak kali di pejabat, saya ‘ternampak’ kamu ambil rehat (read: tidur). Saya amat terkagum dengan tekad abang dalam usaha anti-rasuah, selepas menonton video klip yang ditunjukkan mu semasa di GERAK dulu. Jangan sekali-kala belajar dari Saudara Ezam yang tidak berazam punya. Lawan tetap lawan!

Shao Loong, I admire your wide and in-depth knowledge in many areas. You are good researcher and this office needs you for studies in policies (I admit that I don’t think I can understand you all the time).You are indeed a social activist which contributes to much of the good causes in civil society. I respect that.
Keep growing your hair until you break the record in the category ‘longest male hair’ in Malaysia book of records! =P jk

To my lunchmates, you know I always looking forward to have lunch with you all when the time is right (just check the presence of Kim Boon in our office can tell). Lunchtime is definitely one of the highlights of the day for me. Kim Boon, Ginie and Beng Hock, thank you for good company and good memories (BH, I know you must be listening somewhere there, rest assure that you will always be in my memories). Kim Boon and Ginie, sure I will be looking for you all for meals when I come back from Germany each time. Kim Boon, you are indeed a good storyteller, I’ll be lucky if I were your children listening to your stories – any children for political stories, please? ;-)

Wah, this ‘thank you’ message is already damn long, but not all words have been expressed from my heart. I will keep you guys in my heart. Thank you for being so nice to me although it is just a 8-month (--) stay for me. I enjoyed my stay very much, it could be the best time in my life.

A lot of things also happened during these 8 months, some of which I wished it did not happen. Well, I have opened my eyes wide and have the experience of observing and ‘running’ political errands. I learned a lot in how to deal things and handle cases, professionally and efficiently.

Thanks for everything, all the best in all your undertakings! I will still support you all from afar. YB and future YBs, don’t worry, I will still campaign for you guys through web if I could not be physically present there on the ground during General Election (you know I wish I could be there, see how it goes).

See you (tomorrow, last day)!!!

Chee Han

P/s: Next up, a change in FEDERAL government! (sorry for scaring you guys by omitting the ‘federal’ just now during dinner)

P/s 2: I quite like the suggested title for a proposed event, in the meeting: Bukit Lanjan: leading the CHANGE. =)

P/s 3: I will be leaving on 22nd September, long time to go yet...So, save your tears, haha!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

My wild imagination...

I wonder if last September 16, Anwar did seize the power of federal govt...
Do my friend Teoh Beng Hock still have to die?
Will there be any need to hold anti-ISA rally like today?

I know it is not democratic and unethical to change government by defections, but today's situation is really saddening me... how i wish Anwar did succeed last time!

PR has to do more political groundworks, if they really determine to eye for Putrajaya.
Najib leads his empire strikes back already!!!

A political war is escalated and erupted!!!