Sunday, June 29, 2014

Criticism and qualification

I don't like a society emphasize on hierrachy or ranking. Often I heard people saying, "how dare him/her? what is his/her qualification to criticize me like that?"

Criticism should be taken open-hearted, if it is spot on and the critic got a point to make, it does not even matter what is his/her qualification. If he/she made a mistake, just reply and correct him/her, you don't need shut him/her up. If he/she is a hypocrite, even though the criticism analysis is correct, you can also point out the fact and highlight that, so that other people can also doubt someone's intention and can see him/her being double-standard. Let the rest be the judge, let reasons triumph prejudice.

Hoping for a good leader to offer everything you wish for, that is political day dream. Wake up and Do something!

In order to move forward and make more progress, we need to move away from the Good guy vs bad guy narrative of politics. National politics should be a form and a manifestation of democracy, in which we are all together contributing ideas and effort, working from the ground. We should not just wait for a good leader to lead, nor should we just wait every 5 year to cast 2 votes. Do anything, starting from your family, your friends and your community, better than doing nothing but just grumbling on facebook. Take part more in civil discussions about nation building

We must build our strong, professional and impartial institutions and political system, so that even when any politician we don't like come to power, they cannot do anything more than the stipulated framework, and they cannot simply just ignore the check and balance imposed on them. In that way, they cannot do more harm in their short tenure in office (if they make indeed truly unpopular move/decisions against majority will).
In democracy, we need to tolerate any politician we don't like, no matter he is Tony Abbott, David Cameron or George Bush. Yes, that's why free and fair election is utmost important agenda in the recent 8 years since the initiation of Bersih Movement -- if we really seriously believe in building the kind of institutions we would like to see.

There is no shortcut in politics and political movements. So when you have a hill to climb , then make damn sure you put in a lot more hard effort to achieve what you want. Be rational, be critical -- Remember also to reach out and talk to more people about politics and your views, then you will realise why some people see things differently, and how you missed out the big picture

If you want to make sure doctors won't cheat on you, you would carefully study about his diagnosis and independently analyse the illness you've got, right? Same thing also applies to politics. Be informed, be proactive, be the change yourself! Don't expect others to work for you, 'cause in the end you are the one benefited from the seed you sowed =)

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Never Forget 604 Tiananmensquare Massacre




Goodbye, Frank!

This morning, my heart is a bit heavy to know that Frank Lampard officially announced his departure from Chelsea (or more appropriately, he is forced to leave).

Lampard is the Chelsea legend, consistent performer and all time record top scorer over 13 years career in Chelsea. He rarely scored spectacular goals, but his professionalism, sportmanship, his passion , fighting spirit and determination define the golden era of modern Chelsea team. He is the pivotal figure in the Chelsea spine for a decade and more, he embodies the spirit of Chelsea football team.

Unlike other teammates, he is a Mr. Chelsea nice guy, doesn't involve in the scandals and affairs that often bugged his teammates.

He is a family man. He is always humble, has good IQ and EQ and most important of all, good attitude.

I already miss him now... Frank Lampard is also my fiancee's favourite player, he will always stay in our nice and fond memories. We will always have his name on our back.

Good luck and all the best to you, Frank!

My tribute to Frank Lampard