Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Webshot album is being featured!

Last Thursday, when i woke up, i checked mail. I found that many emails informing me about the guestbook entries for my 'Best 50 for the first year in UK/Europe' Webshot album. It's been awhile i didn't log in there (since my last upload of my new Best 60 album). When i logged in, to my great surprise, my whole album is being view 35000 times in less than a week!!! (current view tally is 40594) I found comments everywhere in my album, they like it especially the 'Morning at Hyde Park' photo. I received many warm and hearty congratulations for that photo being featured in the webshot Member's choice photo in 'Travel' section. I feel so high on top of the world, and very very excited that my photos are appreciated from the people worldwide. (when I told that to my gf, she felt proud of me too.) Since that, i have added 10 fans who tagged me as their favourite photographer.

That time i was still using my previous camera. I'm still not satisfy with my current semi-pro camera. Now it seems like i have good excuse to request for a better pro camera. :P

If you haven't visited my webshot photo album site, here's the link:

I will continue to contribute my effort, for the art of photography and the pleasure of the viewers. This is the only art i can do the best. ^_^

Looks like a deserted place? Update bout my recent life

yea, it's been a month since my last post. My final exam is officially over. Now it's time for my final year project which carries 15% of my degree. I gotta work hard, though. I'm not sure whether i have regretted my decision to put that one of the six choices of project, and got that my least favourite choice. However, that only means that the challenge is tougher. My current project supervisor is a strict guy. I heard many friends and coursemates giving him negative feedback. They said, usually he tends not to give good marks to students. If this is so, i'm in a disadvantageous situation, coz he's the one who does the first marking before passing it to the external examiners during my viva (oral) exam. Up 'til now he's still patient , kind and nice to me, but i'm already feeling very much pressure on me. My other friends, majority of them are working under supervisor's postgraduate students, but i'm directly under the guiding of my supervisor. This could be considered lucky or unlucky. Actually this should be the right way to access every student's performance and ability. I have no choice but to face the challenge and do the best, and be careful enough not to make serious mistakes (to avoid being scold :P)

Exam and further studies

My final exam was not too bad. There's very high chance that i can pass the minimum requirement to enter my master degree in Imperial College next (academic) year. Let's pray for me too, when the time comes (result comes out at the end of June). However, I failed to make it to Oxford University, haih... rejected even before i show my exam result to them. Nevermind. I'm quite happy to stay in Imperial College.

Moving House

The next thing is the mission of house-hunting. I'm confirmed moving out next year, to a new house. Since that possibly could be my last year of studying (unless i go higher to PhD), i might as well change the environment and aim for better living standard. After two years of staying 'underground' (basement flat), it's time for change. Some good and bad about this house. Furthermore, it's not up to us to decide whether we could stay. The house condition is much worse since the first day of moving in. Especially for this year. I have 'no eyes to see'. I already do my best, but when cleanliness and thriftiness are not other housemates' top priority or concern, i would just give in. Not that i did not do the role of controlling and correcting the situation, just that a habit is still a habit to some people. Now i wonder if we can return the house to the landlord as what it is like when we move in.
I will push harder prior to the date of moving out.

Once my senior had given me this advice, when he first moved out of this house. He said, it's not that this house is not good, but that was his housemate's decision. He said: 'It doesn't matter with which house you are staying... Good house is not hard to find, more important is who are you living with. Good housemates are not easy to meet and also each one is not easily replaced.' That sounds right to me now, i realize that some role of a member in a house are not just easily replaceable. Now i miss Andy. hehe
At current stage we have settled the group of housemates for next year. The only thing left is the house, since we're quite happy with each other (future housemates) now.

Ok. Update until here. I do have much more things to say, including some interesting stories...hehe. That's one 'scary story' happened at the 'backyard' of my house last time during my exam days. Want to know? tell you next time :P I have some thoughts to share about the current affairs of my country too, but once i start writing it, i'm afraid i just can't stop. I'll save it for next time.

Don't think i have nothing to do, this 6-weeks project is crucial to me. I'll keep myself busy with that. In the meantime i will update my blog once in a while.