Saturday, May 31, 2008


Is it a derogative word? To me, I could not agree, I’m afraid. But I would like to distance myself from that, because it doesn’t suit me in any sense. If they want to say, I’m a Malaysian-man!

I’m very puzzle that EP told me that her friends (our mutual friends, although now she’s closer to them than I am) think that I’m like a ‘China-man’. If you ask me, I don’t want to take it as an insult but what they characterize me is just not correct. To my understanding, they might just be playful and joke around (it’s their style of poking people around by ‘insults’ even among themselves). If this were really their perception, they must base on their understanding that I am a Chinese-speaker, and don’t mix often with those English-speakers (Malaysian) like them. (‘Banana’ is a bad word to describe those couldn’t speak their mother tongue but mainly speak English – strange enough people don’t refer to those who speak Malay or other languages, to show English supremacy in many people’s belief)

I would like to point out the usual scenario of many Malaysian overseas students especially in big city like London. In my observation, the bigger group of Malaysian students in one university, the less tendency of students get in touch with other group of students. Geographical and language are the most important factors to set the division and polarization. This is quite obvious, on the surface, if you walk into Imperial College and see how International students group themselves. I concede that it is a natural tendency to have like-mix-with-like, as there is always a comfort zone to stay. I am being critical at times, to indicate some of my Malaysian friends who stay too comfortably in this zone, and they are less than seldom to initiate their interaction with the group outside their own. Ok, I could see that they treat asian people better, and it is more likely they could become friends, for example, Singaporean and Thai (geographical factor), and then Hong Kong people, and Mainland Chinese (language factor). But their mind is not open more globally. I’m regret for those who labeled me as ‘China-man’ (I doubt if EP said what they really mean). I’m sorry to say, I’m very proud of my mother-tongue and the fact that I could use it eloquently. I will continue to speak my own language but open my mind to improve other languages I’m learning/using. Also, I’m a truly Malaysian citizen, to me, my nationality always come first before my ethnicity. ‘China-man’ is just a false statement to fit me into the shoes. I don’t mean insult, but if I were to use that phrase to match who is among my friends who suit it the best, I would suggest Dave. It’s due to the fact that he loves China very very much, is very supportive of China’s policies, and love their food, martial arts and many more.

I know what I am doing, and aware that what have influenced and shaped me all these whiles. Although I’m not of extrovert kind of personality, I have no problem to get along and hang out with many people from various backgrounds. I feel better that way, as I treasure the experience of studying abroad better in learning people’s culture and interacting with their world. That is something valuable I would like to tell my children next time, support and encourage them to do in future. =)

Monday, May 12, 2008



还是刚刚为我所支持的切尔西球队无法捧杯的命运,而有感失落,耿耿于怀?或者有是近来写硕士论文感到心烦,碰到了瓶颈又加上自己施压的压力,让我有种想逃离的感觉?还是我昨天开始听了品冠的新歌,尤其是那首《way back into love》中文版和《现在就想见的人》,让我想念一个人?可能今天是周日,想到明天又要上班,心也冷了半截。


Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Great Barricades to overcome

It’s been 2 years since the Highway concessionaire barred and closed the access road from Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC) to the only road to Kuala Lumpur. Please check the summary of the long story attached below.

What happened yesterday night was an absolute outrage for me!!! Just watching the video taken, and the news reports on the incident, I felt boiled… Federal Reserve Units (anti-riot special force) and many policemen were dispatched to the site, to ensure the highway company could erect the barricades to block the residents’ use of the road, forcing them to go detour and pay extra toll-fees (which they had done in the past 2 years). This is not enough, the policemen and FRU even went further to use violence to disperse the angry protesting crowds forcefully! They fired dozen of tear gas and doused the crowd with chemical water cannons. One MP was roughed up and eventually got hospitalized, and few residents including the representative were arrested. Check the report here, and the video here (by Malaysiakini)

This is a gross violation of human rights! I don’t see the highway toll operator company has any justification to do this… How come policemen who is supposed to stand by their people and protect them from harm, could be given order by the highway toll operator, a mere private company to do such actions? How could the Grand Saga Sdn Berhad have such influence and power to do so, even they are already losing the case when the new Pakatan-led state government claimed the site is belonged to the Selangor state (after an independent survey was carried out by land office), and so is the road? The closing of the road is already so unfair to the residents to endure all these years, they have every rights to claim the usage of the access road. It was reported that BMC residents had been ‘contributed’ half of the construction cost of the highway, and there is no (sensible) alternative way to get to Kuala Lumpur than this highway (upgraded from the old road, and sold by the BN Federal government since 1996).

Many other Klang Valley residents suffer the same problem to pay their hard-earned cash for these ‘piratised’ highway (which many don’t see as a highway), but nothing to compare to BMC residents (see the google map below). I live in Subang Jaya, I could quite understand the feelings of many others when the toll fee is kept rising every few years, and felt the pinch on my neck. When I read about the incident happened yesterday, I cannot hold myself anymore… We have enough of unreasonable highway tolls built around our home area!!! Roads are for public, it’s government’s responsibility to provide good road links to the people. Highway could only be allowed, if there is always an alternative road for the people to choose to use. I know it’s not possible for BN government to correct this phenomenon of ‘piratisation’ of roads, to retract the one-sided contracts only to the benefits of the cronies of ruling party. I don’t see how this could change now, other than change the federal government next time, and appeal to the new government to re-possess the road.

In this episode, Grand Saga Ltd. is so stubborn to try their effort to block the road even every attempt they face the destruction of the barricades soon under the angry residents. Yesterday, finally they came to this brutal resolution to dig the drain and build the the permanent barricades once and for all, abuse the public institution (police force) for their own benefits. It’s not possible that they don’t know the residents’ grievance after they’ve got such a treatment and oppressed by so long. After a convincing victory for the federal-opposition, this gives so much hopes for the residents to claim their rights. Yesterday’s incident was just to infuriate the people even more!!!

Grand Saga Ltd could easily go to court and challenge the state government on the ownership of the access road, if they really think they have a case and facts in their hands to defend themselves. They could perhaps win the case in the favour of ‘Correct x3’ court, and allowing these angry residents to use the road temporarily, so to avoid the clash yesterday. But they didn’t. They already have no business ethics at first, now violated human rights. Any reasonable person would condemn this act.

The new Pakatan-led state government’s slow reaction to this tension-building case is very much regretted too. I wish Khalid, Menteri Besar of Selangor could just go to the site and announce the site is officially under the state land. I don’t see any need he needs to hold a meeting with the representatives from the pirate highway concessionaire.

I wish BMC residents the best of luck, I’m here to say that I’m with them – even I am in UK now. I’ll be watching…

Friday, May 09, 2008

Free RPK!!!

To be honest, i'm his frequent reader of almost every blog post he published on his 'Malaysia Today' independent news portal website. I might not share many views with him, however i always regard him as a open-minded (very liberal), sharp-tongue(tough arguments), no-nonsense blogger who always champions the issues of justice and freedom. He had made a good showcase to public to defend the freedom of expression and be responsible of what he wrote.

I believe, what he wrote, he has every reason to defend his writings. Same thing goes to other bloggers too. Bloggers are not there just to slander people, perhaps if you are willing to hear, they could back it up with facts and evidences.

To charge RPK with Sedition Act, is an action of cowardice. The person(s) felt insulted or wrongfully alleged of involving in the issues he has been discussing, has every right to file a defamation suit, to bring him up to the court to redeem justice. What makes the person carefully not to go for this move, is purely political motivated. It must be something he/they wants to hide, fear that if the defamation suit were filed, more evidence will be brought up by RPK to support his writings and therefore put him/them in a great risk. So far, public opinion has summed up their views about the ongoing, (purposely)prolonged Altantuya murder case. In RPK's article which brought him troubles, has raised all the fair doubts judging the progress of the trial now. If they think he's attempting to influence the case judgement and caused contempt of court, go ahead to charge him otherwise... just don't play with Sedition Act!!!

Show me how his article could incite hatred among rakyats, or a threat to national unity/security. It is very interesting for me to know. I show pity to AG/prosecution team, which serves like a tool by government.

If you want to bet, i would be very confident that government will not win the argument in a just court to charge RPK for that sedition 'crime'... for that i would be damn afraid if the 'correct x3' court is still running. Poor soul RPK, you will have all my support, for justice! You show the humanity side of you, even risking yourself now for the justice of a murdered mongolian woman. You have my respect!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Dilemma of Morality

Just a moment ago in our dinner table with all my housemates plus a taiwanese friend, we exchanged a heated debate ,especially between me and e-pien about whether oppressive figures ( Mao Ze Dong, Stalin, Shih Huang Di ) are 'good' or 'bad'.
The confusion is the vague terms 'good' and 'bad' -whether you are judging on/talking about the morality or the benefits. However that is not the big case, the bigger problem we are talking about -- whether their acts are justifiable. These so-called 'controversial' figures are alleged (or known to) killing/torturing/capturing many dissidents (and all their innocent close relatives - in SHD's case). E-pien kept on defending the acts of SHD were to bring enormous benefits to China nowadays, for example, he conquered/'united' China (those time is called Chin empire), the standardize Chinese characters, built Great Walls to defend the empire. She acknowledged about the inhuman acts of SHD/ MZD of relentless killing, but these acts were totally necessary to bring the great benefits, to justify their ends. *see below

This is the same argument used for MZD, if it were not him, you will not see how China rises and is 'inspired' to the superpower today and growing stronger ever on the stage of the world now. She stressed that, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the only viable choice for the China people to gain the recognition today... this is how it goes. She posed this imaginary hypothesis -- how do you think about today China would be this strong and stable if it is not under the iron-grip rule of CCP regime? What other choices you could provide/suggest to build a strong power?

Just like what she mentioned earlier on during dinner, history has no 'what if' (situations). However it is equally wrong to suggest, if it were not CCP, China will be definitely weak or unstable -- how do you know? It is very hypothetical - but later i would suggest that it is equally possible it could be better. Back to the core question, Could you justify any act of killing, in the name of 'future benefits of the nation'? Killing is fundamental immoral and wrong, what could you justify to defend the act (other than it is for self-defense)? It could not be justified even in the name of 'God'. There must be so many ways out there you could do to achieve your target/aim/benefits without bleeding innocent lives. If killing could be justified by the ends, why do we need laws/constitution? If you don't condemn the acts, and in fact supporting those barbarian, uncivilised acts, what signals you are sending to those war-criminals/ oppressive regimes? Wouldn't it legitimate themselves and allow them to continue doing those bad deeds going against Human Rights? Now is already 21st century, in a civilised society we are, you must get the principles and values right. I am so appalled by the thoughts of those.

Same argument would be now used by North Korea, Burma and many undemocratic regime. Even psedo-democratic countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Can you remember how many times we were living under the fear and threats from Barisan National (BN) ruling party of Malaysia that they are the only viable choice we have to provide a strong and stable nation, or else 513 Race riot will bound to happen? Isn't it a lie? Even if the riot is not going to happen, we cannot discredit that our national Opposition parties could not perform better than BN. It is the same question i'm asking -- How do you know? the same thing back to China's CCP regime. You see the CCP's way seems to be working, but how do you know if it's only on the superficial? The rot is rot , you don't smell it does not mean it does not happen!

Malaysia's economy under Dr. Mahathir's 22 years rule, is seen to go soaring high up until 1997 financial crisis. During the same period, Indonesia, thailand and many other neighbour ASEAN countries were seen the same too. I don't think it is fair to give all credits to Dr. Mahathir -- all the countries were riding on the high wave of economy bull-market. Development is any government's responsibility. Whatever is your economy track record, it does not give you any right or excuse to go arbitrary arrest and detend anyone indefinitely, or worse still, killing people (not talking about Dr. M). Undemocratic country is a coward and a hypocrite, because they dare not to face the critics, and debate with them to defend your ground and show your model is working the best. If you have nothing to hide about and sincerely think you are doing the best, why go silencing the dissidents/critics instead, but why not enforcing your policies to prove to the critics you are right and silent them thereafter?

My high-school best friend, he always like to discuss and argue/debate with me on many matters. There is once he put forward his hypothesis that, each nation needs to go through a dark history of iron-grip blood-shed regime(s) to ensure the nation to emerge to be strong power in the world, then only it is possible that a full-blown democracy comes after that. His analysis is probably right on many countries' history, but not all -- I cannot say i agree, but in the face of civilised world, violence is not a factor of necessarity for a nation to be strong. If the people are taught the right principles and values, they will now endorse violence, and otherwise would embrace democracy and freedom straight away - skipping the whole chapter of the dark history.

War or violence is the old game of Survival of the Fittest theory in nature, when ancient time human/animal compete for resource and want to win the competition, violence is the only thing they know how to resort to settle the issues. I believe, until nowadays there are still people living in ancient uncivilised world going to war (or cause bloodshed in their own country) in the name of 'benefits for the nation' or 'God'.

Is MZD a good guy, who really wants to liberate his people? or he just want to use that as the propaganda to seize and maintain his power? Were his people at that time liberated or got more 'restricted' by arbitrary killing in his 'anti-revolutionist' movement and famine?

Back to the centre question, Can a guy's hands full of blood be considered 'a good guy', because you just see China seems stronger and more powerful (in economy) nowadays? So what if China isn't going the way today you see today or if other bloodless event took place and could achieve better than now, then would you label him a 'bad' guy instead?

It is more interesting to see how certain people keep voicing the support to the regime, and few are merely hoping that the regime will change the nature of their rule. The contradictory part is, if the change is good, then you must imply that the current state affairs now is not good, but you would still support them on the basis that they will change. What if they don't change?

That is the dilemma of Morality of certain people. I'm very scare if one day they would support those fanatic regime (not by truly democratic way) because they believe they are doing for the glory and benefit of the nation.

At least now, I'm glad to see how the myths of BN: 1) the forever-government of Malaysia, 2)the stability of multiracial society is dependent on their rule and 3) the only government that could sustain and bring economic developments, are going to break soon. Their past existence in Malaysia history whether they prove more benefits than harms, is a very good subject to discuss. Please draw the comparison of the myths of BN to the myths of CCP. To me, i would say BN is much better than CCP in this case.

* (from the passage above) Dave argued that if it were not SHD, we chinese are still writing BC-centuries of big chinese caligraphy characters... Oh really? that's one big assumption - All language writings evolve in their own way, one would dominate over others depends on the power influence. Well, i don't see any other regimes like SHD killing scholars to unify the writings... i guess they had used soft-power to steer the direction of the official language. In my opinions, would it be more losses than gains, when SHD burned away many books of (inherited) knowledge, and the diversity of language and culture?
Yes, it happens to SHD the first who expanded his empire to the greatest land area, that is so called 'unite'/conquer China (while the people were rebellious to the Chin empire, and the empire is very short-live). Many subsequent other Emperors conquered greater land area, and why not they are the one play more important part in shaping the modern China territory today?