Monday, April 25, 2011

Q & A on 'MCLM' . My political science guru answered

CH, i wonder what is your take on MCLM from a political participation point of view? Are MP/ADUN candidates from MCLM worth the public support without doing the political groundwork or service to the constituents/voters? What would be the political significance of those independent candidates without a party platform to support, how far and what's good they can bring to this country? Would love to hear from you
    • Chin-Huat Wong
      In brief, I dont think modern democracy can function without party. When NGO wants to run in elections, they become effectively a party, even though they may want to deny it. The question is therefore will they make better parties than the existing ones. And if yes, why?

      One must also remember there is a "natural number" of how many parties can be viable in a society, depending on the number of cleavage and the strength of electoral system. First Past The Post is a very strong electoral system and it will keep two parties at every constituency. Given the strong state we have in Putrajaya, the trend towards two parties is also inevitable nationally.

      Hence, if you ask me, I would not cast my vote for MCLM if there is a three corner fight, no matter how good their candidate is. Unless the candidate can be leading in the anti-BN camp, winning over even Pakatan partisans. I dont see any such character so far in the line-up MCLM presents so far.

      I believe in the wisdom of this saying: Often the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

爱 与 错过


·         假如你想要一件东西,就放它走。它若能回来找你,就永远属于你;它若不回来,那根本就不是你的.

·         如果真的有一天,某个回不来的人消失了,某个离不开的人离开了,也没关系。时间会把最正确的人带到你的身边,在此之前,你所要做的,是好好的照顾自己

·         别再为错过了什么而懊悔。你错过的人和事,别人才有机会遇见,别人错过了,你才有机会拥有。人人都会错过,人人都曾经错过,真正属于你的,永远不会错过

·         如果有一天,你要离开我,我不会留你,我知道你有你的理由;如果有一天,你说还爱我,我会告诉你,其实我一直在等你;如果有一天,我们擦肩而过,我会停住 脚步,凝视你远去的背影,告诉自己那个人我曾经爱过。或许人一生可以爱很多次,然而总有一个人可以让我们笑得最灿烂,哭得最透彻,想得最深切

·         记住,不是眼泪就可以挽回失去的,所以不要轻易流下你的泪;记住,不是伤心就一定要哭泣,所以不要那么吝啬你的微笑;记住,不是你认为可以给予就给予, 以不要那么轻易许下承诺;记住,不是你做的不够好,所以不要悲悯的以为自己一事无成;记住,不是只有你一个人在努力,所以不要轻易的就放弃

·         生命中有一些人与我们擦肩了,却来不及遇见;遇见了,却来不及相识;相识了,却来不及熟悉;熟悉了,却还是要说再见。------ 对自己好点,因为一辈子不长;对身边的人好点,因为下辈子不一定能遇见

·         我们一直觉得妥协一些、将就一些、容忍一些可以得到幸福,但当你的底线放得越低,你得到的就是更低的结果。------ 不要总抱怨自己遇到的人都不靠谱,如果别人总这么对你,那么一定是你教会了别人用这样的方式对你。 ------ 爱是平等的,可以付出更多,也可以爱他更多,但决不是妥协、将就、容忍(这是我在上一段感情学会的,也许也是一直我犯错的)

·         对待爱人最残忍的方式,不是爱恨交织,不是欺骗背叛,而是在极致的疼爱之后,逐渐淡漠的爱

·         真正爱你的人,一下子说不出真正爱你的理由,只知道自己顾不上注意别人;真正爱你的人,总是惹你生气,你却发觉不了他到底做错了什么;真正爱你的人,只会 在你一个人面前流泪;真正爱你的人,会在你忘记回复他短信时狠狠地说你一顿;真正爱你的人,很少当面赞美你,可是心里肯定你是最棒的

·         如果有一天我不再烦你,如果有一天,你的生活中没有了我,没有了每天的电话,每天的留言,每天的关心,每天的小小脾气。我把一切一切都表现了出来,你知道了,清楚了,了解了,最终感动了,可是我却离开了。今天陌生的,是昨天熟悉的……

·         喜欢一个人,在一起时会很开心;爱一个人,在一起时会莫名的失落。喜欢一个人,永远是欢乐;爱一个人,你会常常流泪。喜欢一个人,当你想起他会微微一笑; 爱一个人,当你想起他会对着天空发呆。喜欢一个人,是看到了他的优点;爱一个人,是包容了他的缺点。------ 喜欢,是一种心情;爱,是一种感情

·         总有一个人,一直住在心底,却消失在生活里

·         有些事,明知是错的,也要去坚持,因为不甘心;有些人,明知是爱的,也要去放弃,因为没结局;有时候,明知没路了,却还在前行,因为习惯了

·         柏拉图名言:1,若爱,请深爱,如弃,请彻底,不要暧昧,伤人伤己。2,人生最遗憾的,莫过于轻易地放弃了不该放弃的,固执地坚持了不该坚持的。3,说, 我以为小鸟飞不过沧海,是因为小鸟没有飞过沧海的勇气,十年以后我才发现,不是小鸟飞不过去,而是沧海的那一头,早已没有了等待

·         永远也不要记恨一个人,毕竟当初,他曾爱过你,疼过你,给过你幸福。或许明天,你就会遇到爱你的那个人,在你眼里,他再坏也是好。其实,分手之后没必要记恨,更没必要自暴自弃。爱情不属于固定的两个人,而是合适的两个人

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Initials and symbols

Few would notice that my name is associated with my academic life events so coincidently: studied undergrad at IMperiaL college (LIM), went on doing master thesis project at CHElsEa & westminster hospital (CHEE) & now end up striving for PhD at HANnover (HAN)
Life is also full of symbols: the departure of F. Torres (a symbol) from Liverpool, surprisingly joining Chelsea (my fav team) right after the turn of one of the heartbreak moments in my life, but failed to score for such a long time until yesterday, just after I decided to let go and break away from that past last week (before the match).

Saturday, April 23, 2011


很多朋友问我摄影的秘诀,其实我真的没有什么...我的技术和装备都马马虎虎。我只是用相机(在适当的角度和亮光)记录下当时我用眼睛欣赏到的美,或有趣的事物。拍照是可以很随性的,点子和灵感会突然来到,只要你对周遭都存有一定的敏感度和对万物都感兴趣...有时候,换个角度看世界是不同的 =)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


我想,我应该已有短期中期和长远目标...有了这些,看到方向,才不会迷茫。至少短期的是,我忙完我的研究报告,准备好期中考,赶做实验,然后暑假去爱尔兰玩!中期的是,快点把博士念好念完,离开小汉这地方,继续我的另一个人生旅程(长远目标,暂时还不便透露太多) =)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

To the nation - - Honest words from the bottom of his heart

I was very touched, very emotional after watching the speech from Anwar... one of his best i had seen. It is all about Justice, Integrity and Fairness. He and many other politicians made lots of personal sacrifice for the nation & the people.. their freedom, constant threats/stresses to physical & mental. Reformasi must continue!
Hope is the most important commodity for change and for further hopes. That's why he is so determined and strong. He won't be afraid if he has done no wrong, he is a real fighter. He was puzzled on why the innocent dispossessed people are afraid to those greedy 2-leg 'crocodiles' plunder the nation without fear, who/what is right or wrong totally upside down. 

He admitted he is just a human, with also feelings and emotion. Lots of honest feeling and words from the bottom of his heart just poured out from his heart, that makes this speech particular touching and resonate very much with me.

I am already sick of how Malaysia, my beloved country, was supposed to aspire , achieve and deserved, with all the natural resources and majority of the honest, hardworking Malaysia people. I, too, want to see the change, NOW, yes RIGHT NOW!!!

Monday, April 04, 2011