Saturday, March 31, 2007

Way to remember an order of sequence

Just a moment ago, I gave myself a task to remember a very important order of addition of Transcription factors of RNA polymerase for the exam.

The order is like that:


I tried my best to think of a way to link all words beginning with the alphabets in that order in a sentence.

First, i noticed B and F are together, almost automatically i filled in 'Boy Friend'. Then, i know i gotta add two adjectives in front. First, i put 'Dedicated' echoes to the characteristic of BF (hehe). Next, another adjective... hhmm... at first i can't think of many choices...then i went 'google' it. Almost instantly i got my result, with a page of adjectives all starting with 'A' ... wow... 'Amazing' is the first word i think is very nice. A lot of choices but I picked 'Awesome' :P

Next thing, after RNAP (RNA polymerase), should be a verb starts with a 'E' and i want the word of the following 'H' to be 'Her'...
So, again, i was puzzled. I can't think of many words, except 'eat' :P (well... a dedicated awesome bf can't 'eat' her/his gf). Then something funny came to my mind...'educate', 'eliminate', 'embarass'... all are not suitable, then i googled it again but without any immediate result. I sorted to find it in dictionary to see which is my best and favourite word. In the end, you know what? i found 'embrace' ^^

(a)' Dedicated Awesome Boy Friend (RNAP) Embraces Her '

Wonderful, isn't it? ; )

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Das Beste

~ Du bist das Beste was mir je passiert ist,
es tut so gut wie du mich liebst
Vergess den Rest der Welt,
wenn du bei mir bist ~

* Dieses Lied wird nur für meinen Liebling gewidmet. : )

Song can be downloaded follows the link below:

Silbermond - Das Beste

Monday, March 19, 2007


肥胖的问题哪有男女之分? 还有,不是每个人都喜欢瘦巴巴的身材,也不是每个人都特别注重身材的.再况且也没有人对标准的身材有一定相同的看法. 我本身不认为有那种必要去认同某些人的定义或看法—审美本来就是多元化的。


Monday, March 12, 2007

Update about my life

It's a very long absence in posting new post, isn't it? Paiseh :P

Here's my little schedule for the upcoming events in the next few months to go (to finish off my undergraduate degree):

16/17th- Presentation of a research paper (not mine)
20th- an Interview for my Master degree in Imperial
21st- German level 2 oral exam
22nd- German level 2 written exam
26th- Deadline for computer lab project
23rd-27th: Final exam for all 4 subjects for this academic year (45% of my whole degree)
30th - June 14th: 6 weeks Final year project (15%)
15-19th: Viva (oral exam) bout my project
20th- 30th: holidaying + packing to go home! :) --> so looking forward to this!

I'm expected to be back in M'sia in early July.

For all these reasons, in this meantime, i gotta be serious. Honestly, i'm still lagging behind in studies while the final exam is only 6 weeks left. Although this is the last week of my last subject,and i will have a long holiday but i don't feel anything. Just a bit of anxiety and worries whether 4 weeks of intensive revision is sufficient to get the result i want? i don't know but hopefully the answer is 'yes'.
That's why i resist a lot of temptations asking me to go for holiday break (andy: Milan, Italy ; Lip Shien: Scotland). No way, study is more important :P will enjoy life to the fullest after my degree (in that 3 months summer holiday before the hell routine of my master starts kicking in).

I can't say i won't post anything during the meantime, but who knows? i always have things to say/write in my mind to share with all of you. Sometimes it just needs some motivations for me to take the initiative to do it!

It's actually quite spectacular that i almost completely disappear from many club and society activies this term. It's especially my favourite Dance!!! It ain't no fun when dancing becomes another source of burden or stress (as i proceed further to advance level). I also hate myself for not completing Latin dance as what i wished earlier on. I always 半途而废 (10 mins passion), *sigh*

I also need more and more motivation to push me harder for studies too. The current status is still not looking good. : (