Monday, January 08, 2018

Review of 2017 - Part III (Myself)

Last March I sprained my ankle badly during a badminton training session. It was a terrible sport accident. Unfortunately until today I have not gained back my full fitness for intense sport (like Badminton). It is partly due to not undergoing physiotherapy to regain fitness (after the initial 2 months of TCM treatments). In fact, this issue bothers me, I might still seek to solve it this year, because I cannot imagine I am out of badminton forever.
I managed to control my weight for the first time since my years in Germany– not only I did not gain weight but lose 2-3kg compared to the previous year. I cooked rather often, and spent time doing house chores (as usual) as part of responsibility. I regret that I did not cycle as often as I imagined to be, most of the times due to my busy work schedule. So, to ‘earn’ back the value of my bike, it is going to be this year! I had good time with my hiking kaki, hope to keep up with at least a hike once a month. Oh ya, last year I did not even go into a cinema once (performing arts theatre is excluded)!
To my own dismay, I did not read as much as I would like to have (mostly restricted to the reading time when I was in the LRT train), therefore my books keep accumulating. I also have horror at the number of unselected and unprocessed photos I took using my DSLR during many trips last year, wish I could have some personal time to do this. But sadly, I always lack time.
‘Priority’ is like a spell always sticks to me, compelling me to make certain decisions on how to distribute my time. I am already a different man with more responsibilities and commitments, gone are those days when I could simply go out anytime at night or weekends to meet friends or get involved in (social activist) activities and meetings. I cannot complain.
Therefore, I hope that my friends already rather understand. There are times when I need to take longer time to respond to WA or FB message or email, please bear with me. At home, I do have different priorities.
At this age, I treasure those ‘old-time’ friendships even more. I would try to meet and catch up with them as often as possible. I do wish all my friends lots of happiness this year, and may they have best of luck in the goals they want to achieve.
Mine is simple, just improvement in all the aforementioned points, hehe.
P/s: oh yes, these days I've got some interest in Korean language, might just casually learn it 

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