Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just do it!

Two major missions in Hamburg completed for today (although it took such a pain). Now i've got my hair cut (look bersih-bersih) and got the yellow shirt ready for Bersih 709. Why Nike? -- because I just do it! and it is Bersih 'Movement' (运动), so it must be sportswear.
P/s: I like to be a 'Just do it!' man, because action always speaks louder than words.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Caller ID and tracking number

 Just a simple lab conversation

Han: Olga...
Olga: yes?... (and smile)
Han: (smile back and say nothing)
Olga: why do you say 'Olga'?
Han: har? ..Because that is your name!
Olga & Han:  LOL


The most useful GPS tracking number is now mobile no.
That i can ensure my loved one is safe and sound, gives me the real time update in text or in sound. How nice!

Monday, June 20, 2011





是的,晓慧她是新加坡人,比我多了1年半的人生经历(这会一直是我对她的年龄的官方说法),目前身在瑞典斯德哥尔摩的一间科研研究院(我的伙伴实验室成员) (所以目前还是需要相隔两地,未来的3年都可能会是LDR)。虽然我们各自在恋情都有不愉快的过去,但是这已不重要了。




白马:‘我们可以共享这片草原一起吃草, 我们可以相爱吗?’


Thursday, June 16, 2011

If not now, WHEN?

Thanks my brother How for recommending me this Incubus' new album "If not now, when?"
It is rather a slow burner album. It takes such a long time, growing slowly on me. The album is definitely not an instant hit (not even their first single would impress you immediately) but the whole album is just carefully structured, the music is artistically crafted, simple but beautiful.
When the band is aging, so their music becomes more mature and develops into more depth. So long gone is their 'Megalomaniac' era, when they were fast and furious, and had so much anger or emotion to vent out. It is ok that they are now maybe look rather uncool and not so much appealing to new mainstream rock scene music fans.
They are still a bunch of artist group I respect, because they make good music, not for money, not totally to suit fans' taste, but for self-fulfillment, and self-expression of what they like or passionate about music and fuse that into their belief! that is why their music has still got much 'life'. =)


When one is aging (or getting older or 'gaining more life experience'), it is ok not to consider being losing cool. Getting wiser in actions decisions and consideration, getting more mature in thinking, at the same time getting more responsibilities and being more practical... this is always considered 'uncool' things to do or to be, but this is just the way the life is. However that doesn't mean you should not keep pursuing your dreams, because dreams are not those you just think it is 'cool' to do.


I love this expression ' If not now, when?'. I am one such person, who always live in the present. My life motto has always been to seize the day and seize the moment when it comes to you, 'coz you never know what tomorrow brings.

So, if not now, when? Just do it when you could, and leave no regrets later. Then only you can be prepared for what comes next.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shame on them, not me

my friends from other nationalities sometimes asked me, why do I have to do this so often by spreading the negative news about my home country?
Oh, so it sounds like my fault? I didn't do those things that shamed the nation, it is always them those mindless religious fanatics, racists, corrupted-to-core politicians and the whole sociopolitical system.
I share the news, because I also want to make my statements by displaying my disgust and hate about them that makes my loving homeland a laughing stock of the world, and I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!!!
Criticising the indefensible government is intrinsically an act of a patriot instead.

P/s: and another thing is, psychologically, always those negative news would more easily catch your attention and got highlighted, good news sometimes to most of the outsiders are as good as no news (they don't quite bother, do they?)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scenic route

There are two cycling routes ride back home from the institute... the fastest straight forward 'city' route, and the longer detour 'scenic' route (wandering in forest). When there is no raining, and I don't need to rush for something, I tend to take the longer route, let the nature embraces me. Too often men forgot that they need to interact and converse with the nature, and have a peace of mind with them.

The change of route, can sometimes bring unexpected surprises. I remembered one time, when i just decided to switch to take the longer route, immediately later I met my friends couple strolling along, and had a wonderful time chatting together in the sunset.

In a modern world and in a modern time, it seems like speed and efficiency dominate/dictate most of the requirement or criteria of life, people forget to slow down the pace to think about nature and humanity, forget to free oneself to enjoy life to the fullest, forget that actually they can change the route sometimes.




Thursday, June 09, 2011

In memorial of TBH

One of the single biggest impact events in my life, was that I lost my ex-colleague/comrade/friend Teoh Beng Hock, via political conspiracy. Maybe many of my overseas Malaysian friends don't know why I am still so determined and refuse to give up hope for my homeland... if you had witnessed how your friend died in this way, you will know that in your heart, if you give up just like that without a fight, how can you face yourself everyday? 我会很愧疚,良心过不去(I would be deeply regretted, my conscience keeps coming back to haunt me). Now my friends my comrades have made so much sacrifices for the good causes for better Malaysia, and working hard day & night for making a change a possibility.

We can see some initial results and hopes. Why do people still want to give up hope, while they probably did not contribute or even laying an effort to fight and try to change for better? This actually makes me sad everytime I heard from some of my friends or friend's friend.

Don't my friends my comrades they deserved some credits and some support for all their efforts fighting for the good causes? How can you treat us like that while I know that, passively you would be equally happy or rejoice if we could finally make it? 'cause I know that you still identify (recognize) yourself as a Malaysian, just by how you love the beautiful landscape, the best and tasty food in the world, and the cultural practice that have long embedded in you ever since you were young. For sure I know that you are deeply dissatisfied and disappointed with the current state of our homeland, but please don't give up just yet. Please think of your friends, your family, your relatives, and all the lovely people who are still over there... if you do care about them.

My principle is, if you really want to see something happen, you must make it happen! you need to work for it. There is no free lunch in this world, and no good life without a good fight. Every step you take in your life, you could make a difference, no matter how small it is.

Together we can make a bigger difference, please believe in yourself, you can do it!

P/s: These were my inner feelings and words after that BBQ dinner night discussion about the Future of Malaysia.

Things that I value the most in my life

There are many things that I value the most in my life: my lover, family, friends, my culture identity, my homeland, my life principles. I will not give up easily (not without a good fight)

'I am more persistent than Salmonella infection' =)

If you can't beat them, eat them.

' If you can't beat them, join them' is one of the worst idioms i have ever heard (most likely and widely used by dictators or market monopolies). It does sound like you want to be a big bully instead of show your perseverance in fighting over them.

If you can't beat them, please please, don't join them. You must show the true worth of yourself and stand by your principles.You must trust in your own ability -- right now probably you are in a minority, it doesn't mean the majority is always right!
(people on the web suggested: 'If you can't beat them, eat them!')






P/s:希望我也能把光和热也可以传到海的另一边,给我心爱的宝贝 =)

Friday, June 03, 2011

The bright side of life

Look at the bright side. You just need to cross the bridge to the other side (to reach your destination). Stand there alone won't get you anywhere.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

This is a new beginning

When i woke up this morning, I found that this is no more just a dream.
I am glad that we made this finally came true last night =)
This is the beginning of the long journey to endless happiness, hopes and dreams in waiting.
No matter what, I will keep my words... I will fight on in my life, making everything possible for our future.
Me and you, under the spotlight ^^

Start with a simple greeting and a smile =)

Most of the time, Facebook seems like a passive channel to absorb all kinds of information.
You may and could know lots of news spread from there, however that was not because you really wanted to take initiative to know, to care or concern about your friends or family members or loved ones. Slowly people may take for granted, and forget the fact that a friendship/kinship/relationship sometimes needs maybe just as simple as 'hi, how are you?' and a smile to start with. =)




version 1: 我正义,但我没有超能力。
version 2: 我可以努力,但我没有超能力。